Breathing & Your Health 3½ Hour Workshop

Breathing & Your Health 3½ Hour Workshop

22 Jul 10:00 - 13:30 - Trinity
Trinity Parish Hall, Jersey

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This incredible breath work healed me from M.E, and i have worked with others with auto immune disease and other health conditions with incredible results. This is the last 3 1/2 workshop i will hold now until 2019.

This 3 1/2 hour workshop in Jersey will give you a deeper understanding of how the way you breathe, has a powerful influence on all aspects of your health.

It is slowly beginning to be recognised by doctors that the way we breathe has a direct effect on our health. Incorrect breathing, such as hyperventilation, is one of the most under- diagnosed problems of our time (Dr Fried, Ph.d)

This workshop is suitable for everyone.

Have you ever thought about your breath? We take our breath for granted? But did you know that so many people breath unhealthy and aren’t even aware?

Breathing incorrectly can contribute to many health problems such as fatigue, asthma, digestive issues, headaches, anxiety, stress, high blood pressure and even more serious health problems such as autoimmune diseases, heart problems and cancer.

It is common for our breathing to change from being healthy, to becoming unhealthy and most of us are unaware of this. The reason this change happens can be due to emotional reasons as well as other factors.

Our breath has a direct effect on our emotional state and on our nervous system .

It is not difficult to change your breath back to its natural healthy state.

What you receive from this 3½ hour session:

A deeper understanding of your breath
A general understanding of what healthy breathing is and how this can create positive health effects
A general understanding of what unhealthy breathing is and how this can create negative effects to your health
How your breath directly effects our emotions and your nervous stytems
Breathing and meditation techniques to help you feel relaxed, reduce stress and anxiety, calm the nervous system, reduce pain and high blood pressure and assist in the maintenance of good health
The science behind how your breathing effects your health, delivered in a way that is easy to understand
You will receive notes on the breathing and meditation techniques you have learnt so that you can apply them in your lives
Depending on how the session goes, I hope to keep the last 20 minutes or so, as an open forum to give you the opportunity to ask any questions and for discussion.
This is an introductory session to understanding your breath and how your breathing has a direct effect on your health, If after this workshop you feel like you would like to learn more and move into much deeper aspects of healing then you may wish to attend my 5 week Breath Healing Course with will he held in September 2018.

PRICE: £39 (early bird price, to pay before 15th July 2018 )
£20 concession (early bird price, to pay before 15th July 2018 )
(I have a limited number of concession rates for those on a low income, please contact me for payment info)

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DATE: Sunday 22nd July 2018
TIME: 10 am – 1.30pm (incorpoartes a coffee break) (I may also offer a second workshop at 3pm – 6.30pm if the morning workshops becomes full)
LOCATION: Trinity Parish Hall, La Rue Du Presbytere, Jersey JE3 5JB

There are limited spaces available for this workshop

I suffered from Chronic Fatigue (C.F) for some time and Hashimotos, and have helped myself in such a short amount of time applying correct breathing in my life and some other breathing techniques . see to read the story of my healing journey)


"IAttended this event today and it was fascinating, i learnt so much and once explained, it is just so logical. For anyone suffering stress,anxiety autoimmune conditions etc etc, please contactplease contact Julie Kent you will be so glad you did. Thank you Julie."(Sue Marquis, Jersey)

"I thought the intro was a good amount of time and covered a good amount of practical exercises, together with education – a perfect balance for this type of introduction. I feel very ready to go deeper and immerse in the 5 week programme now. I enjoyed the relaxed way it was delivered and the notes given at the end are really helpful – top class workshop!! "(Amy, Rebours, Jersey)

"I really enjoyed Julie’s style of teaching. She made the detailed information easy to understand. Julie’s understanding and passion on the subject shines though her happy healthy face. "(anonymous)

"It was amazing, I was held rapt. Incredibly interesting, packed full of information, so clear and concisely explained. Practical too. Great balance of info given and then an exercise. I could have stayed for at least another 3 hours. I cannot stop noticing my breath now! I would love to follow this up as I’m not sure I am doing it right. Also, I keep trying to tell everyone else but I am clearly not as engaging or well-informed as Julie. I loved every minute of it." (Linda Lock, Jersey)

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