Become a Rockstar Instructor-Advanced Certification: Jersey

Become a Rockstar Instructor-Advanced Certification: Jersey

17 Nov 09:00 - 18 Nov 18:00 - St. Helier
Fort Regent Leisure Centre



Upskill your knowledge and enhance your Spinning® Classes
Move to the next Level of the Spinning® Pathway
Re-certificaiton if your instructor certification has expired
Earn 14 SPIN CEC's if your certification is current.

The role of the Spinning® Instructor is to lead safe, fun, and effective rides that will deliver the physical and mental changes to help riders achieve their goals. You don't want to be just any instructor ... you want to be a Rockstar Instructor, where participants come back for time after time.

This comprehensive training includes practical and theoretical concepts based on the highest quality coaching practices, the latest exercise science information and progression in the field of indoor cycling. Instructors will first review the foundational principles of the Spinning program, then learn how to create amazing profiles that practice knowledge, skills, and techniques in a fun and effective manner. This will take instructors to the next step in joining an elite group of the most highly trained fitness professionals in the world and enable them to provide life-changing Spinning rides and programs to students, athletes and enthusiasts everywhere.

Please note: One does not become Spinning Certified by attending this course. To be eligible for the Rockstar Certification, instructors must hold a current Spinning Certification*. After successfully completing all Spinning course modules, including the online exam, the Rockstar Certification is awarded.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Individuals who are not Spinning certified or Spinning Instructors with an expired certification must either become Spinning Certified or renew their Spinning certification to be eligible to take the online Rockstar exam. After renewing the Spinning Instructor Certification, one is then eligible to take the Rockstar exam and earn a Rockstar Certification.

Your registration includes:
• Becoming a Rockstar Instructor Manual

• Digital Preparatory Study Guide

• Pre-workshop science assessment “Ready to Rock”

• Online Certification Assessment

• Certificate of Attendance and Certificate of Completion

• 14 SPIN® CECs (*used for free re-certification and renewal if expired Spinning® Instructor)

Instructor Pathway
After completing all modules of this certification course, including full participation in the Rockstar Live 2-Day Training and passing the online exams and practical teaching exams:

-Level 1 instructors will become Level 2 Certified Instructors

-Level 2 instructors will become Level 3 Certified Instructors

Everyone receives 14 CECs toward their certification, which renews their certification for another 2 years.

The three main objectives and overview for the training are:

Learn how to CREATE enhanced profiles. You learned the basics in Level 1, now let’s apply more advanced depth and detail using the FITT principle and the 4Ps.

-Exercise science review (continued from pre-course revision exam)

-Expanding your profile development skills –the 4Ps

Learn how to LAYER on the motivating elements that craft a great ride into the profile with

-Advanced Languaging



Understand how to DELIVER the class with excellence.

-Advanced coaching skills

-Verbal skills

-Microphone skills

-Physical communication

Rockstar instructors will continuously pursue knowledge to become better coaches. Great Spinning instructors embrace the variables and artistically combine them with the Spinning movements, revealing their creativity and giving students the best opportunities towards results.

The course contains 2 rides each day (9 hours per day): The Intensity Ride (60 min) and Music Analysis ride (30 min) on Day 1, and the Student Teach-back ride (75 min) (practical assessment) and Final Ride (60 min) on Day 2.

Josh Taylor’s 300/600/900 ride will be used to help us achieve our goals throughout the training. We will use this as our foundation to learn how to create, layer, and deliver an amazing profile. Then, we will perform this ride at the end of the training to really experience the final performance.

Rockstar Pricing options*:
VAT will be added for business invoices. Please contact us for a VAT invoice. Pre payment link not applicable for VAT invoice applicants.)

Course price per instructor: Early-bird £319* | Standard £339*

Pre-apply for GoCardless 3 month Direct Debit plan available to individual instructor bookings. Terms apply. Includes DD transaction fees. Payment collection is usually 1 week following payment set up and each month thereafter for an additional two months. *This is not applicable to VAT registered businesses where VAT will be applied in addition. Please only set up payment after you have registered.

- EarlyBird Flexi-Pay 3 monthly payments of £106.33 FLEXI-PAY EARLYBIRD

- EarlyBird Flexi-Pay 6 monthly payments of £53.16 FLEXI-PAY EARLYBIRD

- Standard Flexi-Pay 3 monthly payments of £113.00 FLEXI-PAY STANDARD

PRESENTER - Cat Booker | Spinning® Master Instructor

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