Behaviour workshop (1 - 4 years)

Behaviour workshop (1 - 4 years)

01 Sep 09:00 - 13:15 - Jersey
CalmFamily Jersey

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*Spaces must be booked in advance using the ticket link*

Did you know that when toddlers tantrum, they're not in control of their emotions or their behaviour? And that other behaviours we find tricky are often totally normal parts of their development?

Find out how you can approach your toddler's behaviour in a calmer and more confident way, while parenting gently and respectfully.

Our workshop will give you some new ideas when it comes to approaching your toddler's behaviour.

We'll look at your toddler’s brain development and how this affects their behaviour, emotions and relationships.

We'll help you to understand:

* Your toddler's brain development and why they behave the way they do
* The effects that different parenting approaches can have on toddler behaviour
* Helpful tips and techniques for managing tricky situations

This workshop is suitable for parents of children aged 1 - 4 years old.

Workshop length and cost: 3 hours, £45 (payment covers space for two family members)

This is also available as a private workshop, run at a time to suit you, in your home. Cost: £150

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